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Eating Rome

Eating Rome
There hasn't been a lot of exercise happening in Rome but on average walking 20K + steps a day I think thats more than OK. Rome is one of the most profound experiences you can have in a city. It's cultural history of ancient Rome, the Pantheon, Colosseum all the churches it is an overwhelming spiritual experience.
We walk, we go intro a church and pray and we eat on repeat. These are some places I have eaten that have been recommended a lot by you and then I have a list for you down the bottom from a local barman, Marco. 

Roll Out of Rome Eat List

 Suppli, This is not an arancini (but kind of is) this is the Roman style snack food you can grab in most bars or snack shops on the go. 
Eating pasta in Rome is a daily ritual. You have to remember to eat fibre in Italy or else you will overdo it in the carbs. Each region of Italy is famous for certain foods. You're not going to get great risotto in Rome because it's not from here but what you will get is phenomenal cacio e pepe, gricia (cacio e pepe with guanciale, above), cabonara are all must have pastas in Rome. I ate suppli and pasta gricia  (above) at osteria da fortunata which is now very common in Rome, I saw about 5. 
The most famous food group in Rome is Roscioli's, if you can get into the cafe at night for pasta it's a must have. They have a salumeria, bakery and a cafe. I grabbed this phenomenal pizza (don't call this a panini here or they'll crack it, if it's within two thin pizza crusts it's pizza) with pork (porchetta is another Roman thing). It was easily one of the greatest things I have ever eaten and flavour packed with every bite. 
I did have breakfast! After heavy meals at night I didn't feel like it but Melinda from Ms Frankie's in Melbourne said I had to go grab a cornetto e cappucino from I dolci di Nonna Vincenza in Campo de' Fiori. This cornetto with pistachio cream was the best one I have ever had in my life. I want it every day here but also, no, it's too addictive. 
I don't know how to describe the next meal I had. It is definitely the best pasta of my life. I went to Taverna Lucifero and Francesco the owner looked after me. I was told, eat what Francesco recommends and thats exactly what I did. Entree started off with some grilled vegetables, doesn't sound amazing but it was, that's all I can say. The highlight was the truffle pasta. OMG. They're not tight with the truffles here either. To finish it had to be the dessert of Rome which is, of course, Tiramisu. This whole meal set me back €40. 
With pizzas in Rome, this place came highly recommended Emma's Pizzeria con cucina. I came for a Roman thin  pizza and that's what I got. It was delicious. If you want a good pizza, this is your place. 
It isn't a night in Italy with your daily gelato by the way. Giolitti came highly requested and didn't disappoint, pistachio always makes an appearance. 
Here is the list of local eats also from Marco at E'm bar (just near Emma's pizza and taverna lucifero) Places To Eat Rome

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